You can use Empatix Medical anywhere you have access to the Internet. You can access your account from home or office even while traveling. Just log inn with your Phone, Pad or computer.

Empatix Medical and have an integrated laboratory module for clinics and hospitals that perform all or some laboratory tests themselves. You can also connect to external laboratories.

Empatix Pharmacy supports pharmaceutical suppliers and distributors with an integrated solution, where medical clinics, general practitioners and hospitals can easily create and send purchase orders.

Our vision is to provide medical clinics, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers with a safe, high- quality system that improves medical service to the general population and increases earnings for the users.

Get to Know Our Innovative Medical clinic Solutions Empatix Medical is a cloud based medical business applications, customized for Indonesia and South-East Asia, that solve our client’s business challenges. We provide our clients with the leverage they need to profit from key market opportunities.
About Us
  • Finance Total value of each examination/appointment is clearly displayed, together with details reports, summaries and easy invoicing functions.

  • Products Add in your own choice of medicines, pharmacy products, examinations, laboratory tests and services.Choose products from the Global Product List, set your own selling price for easy product management and purchasing, or create your own products and choose your local suppliers.

  • Points of sale/Pharmasy Empatix Medical`s Point of sales is integrated with the Inventory list who display all products and makes it easy for you to perform sales in your local Pharmacy. Financial reports are generated automatically.

Empatix Medical have many different modules made for medical practice, dentist and other healthcare providersSome of Empatix Medical modules are: Appointments, Examinations, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Diagnose with ICD 10, Journals, Picture and files, Purchasing, Prescription, Internal messages, Finance, Sales order and Online appointment booking.

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