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Empatix Medical can be configured different ways to ensure the needed level of security. Below are some of the methods and functions that can be used.

    • Empatix Medical can use secure protocols (HTTPs) and/or a one-time password sent as SMS
    • Each user must be granted access based on his/her work-area password requirements, such as minimum password length
    • Access based on need-to-know, logging of user activity, backup systems and synchronization of data between front-end server and back-up server.


Some important characteristics of cloud systems: 

    • Sharing of resources
    • Easy to scale
    • Good opportunities for changes, updates and improvements
    • Measurement of when, where and what data each user reads and edits in the system


It is widely discussed whether cloud-based systems are secure enough. I generally say that no system is more secure than its weakest part, whether it be the lock on your office door, how your employees use their username and password, or how many factors the configuration of your system depends on.

Please contact Empatix Medical for more information.

Traditional systems and cloud-based systems have different benefits and different challenges related to security. The fact is that more than 60% of all data theft is from the most trusted employees.

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