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Join our team, share ideas, earn extra money and gain benefits.

    • If you already use Empatix Medical, cut/reduce your rental fee by telling others about our solution.
    • Help us promote Empatix Medical and get your commission.
    • The first to report a potential client and help us in the promotion job gets the commission.
    • Monitor the progress and earned commission online.

How to do it:

 - Send us a mail to marketing@doktorku.net or register at www.doktorku.marketing

 - Register potential customer name and contact data/person (clinic, hospital, doctor)

 - By email or register online

 - And, of course, tell the potential customer about us.


To provide medical clinics, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers with a safe, high- quality system that improves medical service to the general population and increases earnings for the users.


Empatix Medical will be recognized internationally as a leader in the transformation of healthcare systems, and will be chosen for the quality and value of services we provide.

Go ahead and get started.


Gedung Permata Cikini 3rdFloor
Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No. 7
Jakarta 10330 - Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 314 1241 / 390 3790
Fax : +62 21 3905828
website: www.doktorku.marketing
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